About the Author

ADELINE BLUE discovered her talent for writing when she was about 10 years old, though for many years it was poetry and short stories and usually just an outlet for dealing with difficult things. Her greatest proclivity has always been for chasing shiny objects, which has led her though a variety of interests: juggling and magic, gymnastics, video production, acting, dance, sports, drawing, as well as an extensive list of projects and ventures…and all with very little coffee! But writing a book was always something she knew she would do one day.

Adeline loves a fairy-tale romance and that happily-ever-after, but she also likes to explore the extremes and subtleties of human emotion through her characters. She is intrigued by sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and quantum physics. Forever imagining stories and creating worlds in her mind, she finally found a way to sit still long enough to pen The Entanglement Series: Eidolon, Twice Be and Entangled.

A life-long resident of New Jersey, Adeline is working on her next books, when she isn’t seeking out ice cream or falling down the rabbit hole of her imagination.